Monday, March 20, 2023

She's a Lady (Smith)

It was taken as gospel that the triggers in the 3913LS were somehow improved over those in the regular 3913. The gun magazines told us so!

Back in 1993, Dean Speir (writing as "Waldo Lydecker") wrote "The LadySmith pistol, like the LadySmith revolvers, boasts a smoother, lighter trigger pull for what is presumably those dainty little hands which S&W thought would be the primary market for the firearms." I seem to recall Smith marketing hinting at that, too, so I'm sure the writers were just passing on what they'd been told.

Imagine my chagrin years down the road to find that there doesn't appear to be any separate SKU for LadySmith mainsprings...or any other spring or action part, actually...vice the ordinary Model 3913. Indeed, there's no difference in the weight of the DA pull on the two pictured autos and, while the LS does have a slightly subjectively smoother DA pull, it's hard to say how much of that difference came from the factory since both pistols were acquired used. They certainly have identical six pound single action pulls according to my trigger pull gauge.

The differences are indeed cosmetic, being differences in the shape of the dust cover and the color of the xenoy wraparound grips. Oh, and the LS was thinner due to having the offside decocker/safety lever deleted.

But oh what a difference those cosmetic changes make. The 3913 is a functional little single-stack auto, perhaps my favorite of its genre, but the 3913LS is downright hawt-looking.

In retrospect, I should have been a bit more dubious that the LadySmith received any additional trigger polishing and massaging at the factory when the MSRP was the same as the regular model.

We live and we learn.