Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Trying again...

I got all excited to go try out the Vietnamese place that went in the storefront where Naked Tchopstix used to be. I'll miss having a nearby source for dolsot bibimbap in the middle of an Indiana winter, but having it get replaced by a premium phở & bahn mi joint is a fair trade.

So I boarded the Red Line yesterday morning for the short hop up to the Broad Ripple station, keeping an eye on the obvious tweaker just in case he decided he might need my Nikon D800 more than I did.

We disembarked and he spasmed off eastwards down the Broad Ripple Avenue sidewalk while I went south to Eating Fresh...only to discover that they were open six days a week, and Tuesday wasn't one of those six.

I really had my mouth set for some phở, too.

Oh well. I'll try again today.