Sunday, March 12, 2023

When you need it for a photo prop...

I've got 1990s-vintage ammo boxes to use for photo props in most every common handgun caliber... except 9x19mm, because at some point back while I was still living in Tennessee I consolidated most of my handgun ammo...and apparently all my 9mm...into MTM Case-Gard containers and pitched the boxes.

So of course I need some vintage 9mm boxes today.

I can set up some pretty good early Nineties tableaux: Nikon F4, Motorola MicroTAC, Macintosh Powerbook Duo, early Chris Reeve Sebenza...but no old Cor-Bon ot Hydra-Shok or Winchester Subsonic 9mm boxes.

Thanks to Commander Zero, I have a .45ACP Black Talon box, and nothing's more Peak Early Nineties than Black Talons.

Maybe I can position it in the photo so the caliber can't be read and the size disparity isn't too noticeable?