Tuesday, May 30, 2023

Orbitville, Pop.17

China sent another three astronauts into space — including the first civilian — on Tuesday morning, a day after announcing plans to land astronauts on the moon before 2030 and setting up a new sphere of rivalry with the United States.
China lofted another capsule to its Tiangong space station yesterday, which had three crew aboard already.

At the time, the four Axiom Space Ax-2 astronauts were still aboard the ISS, along with the seven crew of ISS Expedition 69.

That's enough humans in space at one time that you'd need to pull off both socks to count them. There are only two fewer people in orbit right now than there are permanent residents of Mentone, Texas.

With China having moved their planned lunar landing ahead to 2030 and NASA still aiming for 2025, the new space race is heating up pretty good.