Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Automotif CCCLXXIII...

In 1970, Pontiac offered the same basic midsize coupe in several gradations of grooviness. In ascending order of desirability, the lineup went like this: Tempest, LeMans, LeMans Sport, GTO, and GTO Judge.

The car in the picture is a LeMans Sport convertible in Starlight Black. The base engine in the ragtop LeMans Sport was Pontiac's 250 cubic inch overhead cam inline six, with an optional 350cid 2bbl V-8 or the 400cid V-8 in 2bbl or 4bbl flavors.

The rocker panel badges on this one indicate it's got the 350 cubic inch V-8, which was rated at 255 SAE gross BHP. While there's no straight conversion factor that can be applied to go from SAE gross numbers to SAE net, you'll usually be pretty close if you assume that the net rating is about eighty percent of the gross numbers. Figure probably around 200 horsepower in modern terms, to lug a 3700 pound convertible away from stoplights. But it looks good doing it!

The late '60s and early '70s had some of the nicer examples of Detroit styling, before the sharp angles and straight lines of the later Baroque Period that produced such stylistic snoozers as the Fairmont and Aspen.