Friday, May 19, 2023

Top. Men.

So, imagine you got a job as an IT dude at WidgetCo, Inc.

Obviously, in order to keep WidgetCo's networks up and running, you have to be given administrator access to the network, right?

But what you're expected to be doing is keeping the network running, not farting around and sifting through sales records and the manager's emails and all the files in the HR department. If you were doing that, you could get in trouble.

On that note, hey, let's see what's shakin' in the Massachusetts Air National Guard!
The filing also shows that Teixeira was written up by colleagues for apparently not following rules for the use of classified systems. A Sept. 15 Air Force memorandum included in the newly released court materials notes that Teixeira “had been observed taking notes on classified intelligence information” inside a room specifically designed to handle sensitive classified material.

Teixeira, the Air Force memo says, was instructed “to no longer take notes in any form on classified intelligence information.” About a month later, a memo noted that Teixeira “was potentially ignoring the cease-and-desist order” given to him in September. He was instructed to stop “any deep dives into classified intelligence information and focus on his job,” that memo said.
So, basically this kid was caught multiple times and repeatedly told "Mr. Bunny Rabbit, those carrots aren't for you! Or the kids in your War Thunder Discord channel!"

"I pinkie-swear I won't write things down in the SCIF again!"

I swear to Vishnu, this is the by-gawd dumbest Clancy novel I've ever been stuck in.

If every man-jack in this dude's chain of command isn't finishing out what's left of their wrecked careers conducting polar bear censuses at Pituffik Space Base, heads need to roll.