Wednesday, May 03, 2023

That Nineties Show

A Macintosh PowerBook Duo 280c, a box of Winchester 9mm Black Talons, and a Smith & Wesson 3913... It makes me want to put on some Smashing Pumpkins and write a PI story set in 1990s Atlanta.

If you want to read the "Classic Carry" article on the 3913, it should be on newsstands now in the current issue (#32) of Concealment.

Nikon F4, Motorola MicroTAC, early "P" stamp Sebenza, and a 3913LS

I'm pretty happy with how the photo turned out, given the stupid simple lighting setup: It's sitting on a TV tray in the garage with the door open on an overcast day. The raised overhead door presented a white surface above that I bounced the light from an old SB-50DX Speedlight off.

One of these days I'll really get into making my own light rather than counting on the sun.