Friday, July 07, 2006

Blog Stuff: My shrieking harpy moment.

Given some of the various customs inflicted on women in the more primitive corners of the world, I'm beginning to come to the conclusion that the wrong folk are being punished for the fact that their menfolk are weak.

Take for example the corners of the dark continent where they lace up a young girl like a running shoe to protect her from rapacious menfolk until she's safely married, at which time her husband can presumably untie things and they can attempt to enjoy what connubial bliss is available after such hideous mutilation. Since it's the weakness of males that she's allegedly being protected against, why don't we leave her alone and take all the single guys in the village and stitch their thingies to their legs? Then, when they get properly hitched, their snookums can take a stitch popper and cut them loose for matrimonial fun 'n' games.

Or look at the Muslim world, where better than half the population is forced to wander about in the desert heat dressed like a circus bigtop lest the sight of an ankle or a collarbone drive a Son of the Prophet into thinking impure thoughts. Since it's the guy seeing something that might cause problems for him, why not let Islamic womenfolk dress however they want, and make all the guys wear blindfolds in public? This would have the added bonus of keeping the men from flying planes into buildings, as well as forcing all the women to learn to drive, so they could shuttle their fellas about on their daily rounds. The guys would, of course, be allowed to take their blindfolds off at home, where they could presumably think all the impure thoughts they want.

As far as the latest outrage to hit the news from Cameroon? It seems to me like the wrong person's body parts are being ground under red-hot rocks.


B&N said...

Not sure that the muslims even can enjoy the "connubial bliss" as you say, as most of them, by edict, do it with all their clothes on.

I sh!t you not.

Tennessee Budd said...

Tam, I agree wholeheartedly. I've always figured it said something about Muslims, that they really think their men will be driven insane with lust by seeing a bare ankle. Maybe they can, I dunno.
No self-control. I bet they squirt on their feet just pulling it out of their robes.

T.Stahl said...

Sometimes I think the world would be better off without men or if all women would be a foot taller than all men.

T.Stahl said...

I mean, if the smallest woman would still be a foot taller than the tallest man.

1894C said...


That's 'bout the stupidest thing I've heard all day.

But Tam's probably got you covered on the height thing though..

Todd said...

Where do we get off determining what's right and wrong for a culture other than our own? The intolerance you show towards such practices that are ingrained over thousands of years is comparable to the intolerance of an Islamic terrorist for our culture and way of life. Your methods differ, but the message is the same.

pdb said...

I hope to #DEITY that todd is either trolling or being sarcastic.

Frankly, if you have no problem with pounding a little girl's mammaries into scar tissue with hot rocks, I don't want you sharing my air.

BobG said...

"Where do we get off determining what's right and wrong for a culture other than our own?"

In some circumstances I would agree, but this is unnecessary mutilation and suffering for children against their will, something that I refuse to condone.
It doesn't seem to occur to these idiots that if a guy can't control his urges, maybe someone should tie a hot rock to his scrotum until the need passes...

Anonymous said...

We've got plenty of nanny staters stateside who are big on deciding little boys need to be drugged up to act "proper", that it's a sin for men to act like men, and that it's a sin for women to act like anything but a man. When you get right down to it every culture's got them, it's just a matter of how "civilized" they are when they go about forcing their ideals on others...but really, is mentally butchering someone any better than physically butchering them?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above hit the nail on the head. We do the same thing to our kids, but instead of men (forcing society to) physically mutilating the little girls, it's the women mentally mutilating the little boys. Not to mention the open hostility of the feminists towards any women who choose the "stay-at-home" mom/housewife life. My wife has to constantly deal with rude comments from women who think that she's not worth anything just because she's not interested in having a career. I married her because I want someone to help raise my children, not because I want a roommate who helps pay for an extravagant house, dammit!

Well, there's my little rant. Tam, you're right on the money. Keep up the good work.

Dr. StrangeGun said...

Todd, your position is indefensible. Let's see, I'm against hot rocks being ground into a young child's chest so as to turn off or away any leering men, and the terrorist's position is that, frankly, I'm a dog and I should die. Let's see, no pain, pain... not a whole lot of comparison there.

If our culture started severing children's middle fingers so they may never flip the bird, a thousand years from now that may be "ingrained culture" but it's still wrong. Dead wrong.

If this were a discussion of midday calls to prayer or ensuring meals were halal, that'd be one thing. Unfortunately you decided to defend causing permanent and totally unneccesary injury to an innocent. How exactly do you defend that?

Kevin said...

On a lighter note, stiching young men's "thingies" to their legs would be counterproductive. For one thing, young men would be involuntarily kicking young women at most inopportune times, and they would be rendered unable to walk about 40% of the time. (Even standing would be difficult at times.)

Kristopher said...

If the sight of a woman causes you to lust uncontrollably, then have your own eyes poked out.

That way you will be immune to such visual temptation.

phlegmfatale said...

AMEN. You said it all, and perfectly.

and OMG Todd - Screw "cultures" - at least the American way of life ensures that individuals get to make choices for themselves about things like mutilation. It's time for everyone to grow up and admit that some "cultural" practices get kicked to the curb because they are just plain unhealthy, senseless and in some cases, EVIL. Yeah, I said it: evil. Why are we not still keeping slaves? That was once a cultural practice. What about cutting off the hand of a thief - why stop that? Human Sacrifice? Why don't men continue the cultural practice of the Prince Albert penis piercing to present a smooth front on one's trousers? Oh, I forgot - some are doing that, aren't they? Anyway, it's a one-note symphony to hear how every culture has to be preserved, revered and respected - every culture except for western American society. That, my dear todd, is hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

T.stahl = Mangina.

Enough said.

T.Stahl said...

My provocative post indeed provoked - just not the intended cogitation, but insults instead.

So I have to ask, do you recall...
...a war started by a woman?
...a genocide instigated by a woman?
...a rape committed by a woman?
How often do you hear about...
...drunk female drivers causing fatal accidents?
...female hooligans beating each other to death?

And regarding my comment on body height:
Have you ever tried to impose your will on someone tall enough to spit on your head?
I don't think Afghan women would be wearing burkhas if a simple and stern 'no' from them would end the discussion.
I could just as well have said: '...or if all women would be better armed or better trained at martial arts than all men'.

Oh and regarding that anonymous *beep* above me:
Unlike you, _I_ got the balls to put my name on what I say!

Tennessee Budd said...

"Have you ever tried to impose your will on someone tall enough to spit on your head?"
My girlfriend's SP101 makes her just about anybody's equal. Sometimes size doesn't matter.