Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Blog Stuff: The sad highlight of my day...

With no work today for the first time in a long time, it'll be the first chance I've had to wear my fabulous collection of non-dress-code tee shirts in eons.

I'm starting the day in my "MINISTRY: Jesus Built My Hotrod" shirt. From there, we'll progress to either my "Made In Vagina" shirt from Queen of Wands, or maybe my "Farfrompukin" spoof tee from the old Fahrvernugen VW ads (complete with little VW stick man staggering about with two mugs of frothy goodness in his hands.) We'll finish up the evening in style, wearing either a NIN tour tee from January '95 or the tee shirt from the Harley dealership in Hachinohe, Japan that my friend brought back from his vacation.

It's really sad when the mega highlight of a day off is trying to figure out which of your favorite old tee shirts to wear. ;)


Anonymous said...

What? No pictures of you modelling this fine fashion fare?

No fair, you tempress you!

phlegmfatale said...

Once when I was going to a Revolting Cocks show in Dallas, Alain Jorgensen (of Ministry who was also in RC) was sitting by the door when I came in with a few friends. He made a comment to the girlfriend of one of my friends that she looked like she rode horses a lot. Somehow, I'd always imagined him to be-- I dunno-- a notch above the most rot-gut redneck observations such as that one. I still like the music, though. Actually, I took umbrage that she didn't fire back with something like he looked like the kind of guy who liked women who looked like they rode horses a lot. ...but she was not very clever, either.

Lizard said...

Nah. It's sad when you decide on the perfect t-shirt, and discover that it no longer fits. Because it, you know, shrunk in the wash. Yes. That's it. Shrunk in the wash. I shall continue telling myself that until I believe it.

Anonymous said...

My shirts aren't as cool as that -except for the 'There Can Be Only One...BARNEY' shirt, portraying Barney Rubble with a broadsword in one hand and the severed head of a Certain Purple Dinosaur in the other. It violates so many copyrights I can make lawyers drool just by walking close to them.

...which is probably the reason I don't wear it that often.
David P.

BobG said...

My favorite to wear is here:


But my wife isn't overly fond of it.