Friday, July 28, 2006

Boomsticks: Gratuitous Gun Pr0n No. 34

Beretta 96D with Surefire light and Cold Steel Recon 1. I thought the bottle of household cleaner was a witty addition at the time. ;)


B&N said...

As in, "We're sending in the cleaner," and the 92D (D,WTF?) is what they'd be carrying?

Witty, indeed.

Sigivald said...

And to think I thought "so, how's that bayonet get mounted, anyway?"

Tam said...

"the 92D (D,WTF?)"

Actually, a 96D.

I always liked the double-action pull on the DAO Berettas; it felt like a well-tuned S&W wheelgun.

That 96D was my "bed gun" for many years; it was kind of like shooting a ten-shot .40 S&W revolver with no round bit in the middle. :)

B&N said...

Oops, my bad. I should have been more attentive. Also should have known you'd have your handguns in something other than 9 sillimeter. :p

I like my 92FS Centurian, though it is a bit of a reach for DA, for me anyway.

I actually liked your prop, and made the connection before I had read your caption. Great minds and all that. ;)

ColtCCO said...

My Cold Steel Recon Tanto rarely gets carried, as it is in bad need of a professional sharpening, but darn if it's not quick to operate one handed, and effective once you get it out.

Acourse, I'll part ways with you on the Beretta - the little single-stack D Marco had was super slim and slick in the trigger region, but even it feel into the "not a 1911" stack. Had I wanted a 9mm in that size, it would have been perfect.



Paul Simer said...

Think of the cleaner as a "chemical weapon" and everything makes sense.

The threat level of your attacker may not be great enough to warrant shooting or stabbing him, but maybe if he's trying to smite you with a greasy counter-top, the cleaner would be considered a justifiable use of force.


S&W 24 said...

with the addition of the cleaning fluid I'm starting to think zombies! Maybe I should just go to sleep