Sunday, July 23, 2006

Boomsticks: Go figure...

It's apparently been a violent year for shooting deaths in South Jersey so far.

Meanwhile Kennesaw, Georgia had its first homicide since 2004. It was done with a knife.


Rustmeister said...

Isn't that the town that passed a law requiring everyone to own a gun?

Rustmeister said...

Ah, I read the story. Thought so. =)

Standard Mischief said...

so I suppose for 2005, that makes it impossable for those brady bunch peoples to lie with statistics because there wern't any statistics to lie with.

Wikipedia says as of 2000, there were 21,675 people. It also mentiones the residential burglary rate, and how some disputes it, but there's no mention of the murder rate.

Anonymous said...

Kennesaw was a typical small town, with a small town crime rate, until the new interstate offramp was built. Instant crime wave. When the city fathers passed the 'head of household must own a firearm', they posted the pertinent facts on a billboard on the highway, and the crime wave disappeared overnight.
If I recall correctly (been a long time) a Brady/HCI employee bought a house in Kennesaw and filed suit against the town in order to 'break' the city ordinance. The town condemned, then bulldozed, his house.

B&N said...

Standard Mischief,

It's still quite possible for the Brady Bunch to lie. That is what they do.

They simply frame the argument to their liking. Something about citizens "taking the law into their own hands," and attempting to make it sound like a bad thing.

We know better, and we are gaining some footing in most states, but they will never rest about this situation because they are deluded enough to think that they are right. The statistics are manipulated, no matter what the raw aggregates are. They discount what they don't like and pronounce the rest as their "proof".

I just wish it was legal for us to force feed this kind of stuff to them.

Anonymous said...

The Brady bunch lie?
Hah. Anyone recall the stink that was raised concerning the gunshows in Hampton, VA a couple years ago?
A 'concerned citizen' brought suit to shut down the gunshow (as had been done a couple other places previously) because they disturbed him.
Cross examination found that he was a full time employee of HCI/Brady, and had lived in the city for maybe 3 months. He was paid to move from city to city, and bring suits against gunshow promoters.
In this case, the promoter in question hired a PI, did some research, and presented the evidence.
Suit dismissed.
Lies are Bradys' stock in trade

Anonymous said...

Most of "South Jersey" is rural, but includes Camden (just across from Philadelphia) and - of course - Atlantic City. Don't know the stats for AC, but Camden is a real hell-hole, which is what is driving up the murder rate. And they put the state aquarium there. Unfortunately, family concerns have me back in NJ at least twice a year. My CO carry permit would, if used in NJ, put me in jail. And we drive East on Wednesday... OldeForce