Sunday, July 16, 2006

Boomsticks: Some random gun stuff...

1) We now have a broad selection of VZ grips in stock at the shop. I picked up a pair of blasted black canvas micarta Gatorbacks for my Springfield Professional, and my hand is in lurve with them. I've gone from the original checkered cocobolo to Ergogrips to Barnhart Burner grips over the last two years in an attempt to find something that will let me grasp the gun quickly and surely, but which won't shred my clothes. Mission accomplished, finally. Plus, they look darn good.

2) Yikes with the ammo price increases at the wholesaler level! As much as 40% on some brands and loads! If you don't reload, now would be an excellent time to start. My fearless prediction: A box of Federal American Eagle .45ACP 230gr FMJ will be $20 retail by January 1, 2007.

3) I picked up a schweet Finnish VKT M39 Mosin. With the Greek M1903, that makes two milsurps I owe y'all pictures of. (We've still got three Sako M39's at the Armory which, you'll note, has a swoopy new web page.)


Les said...

It would be great to check out Coal Creek Armory's website... but I'd have to register. Register.
Hmm... "register". Where have I heard that word before?

Tam said...

I'm pretty sure the BATFE wouldn't like Seymour Butts of 1122 Boogie Woogie Avenue buying a gun, but we have no objections to him scoping out our (still under construction) website. ;)


Homer said...

Not only are ammo prices skyrocketing, reloading components are as well (well, duh, of course they are - where do you think the assembled ammunition comes from? Ed.). Not to mention increased transportation costs for heavy stuff like lead.

I've started switching from jacketed to (cheaper) cast for those loads where it works well, and stockpiling components.

And, since I already have a pretty good assortment of molds, as long as they keep balancing car wheels with lead weights, I figure I can still come up with bullets in most calibers.

If the price of lead gets high enough, though, I'd suggest not parking too long in my neighborhood...

Diamondback said...

Actually just finished loading 50 rounds of 357 Mag JHP.
Brass - Free from the range.
Primers - 100 for around $1 used half so .50
7 Grains of titegroup powder per round roughly .50 total (probably less)
50 new JHP Hornandy bullets box of 100 for $10 so $5 worth used.
well thats $6 for 50 JHP 357Mag. Best price to buy 357 JHP in my area is around $15.
Don't even get me started on the savings I see on 45 colt!
I don't reload 9mm right now since it's pretty darn cheap, but I do save the brass for a rainy day. I pickup brass from the range all the time...take it home...sort it.
It it looks questionable, I toss it. Brass is roughly half the cost in material in reloading. The beauty is that it's reusable.
Quality Reloading components can be picked up pretty cheap used. And I highly recommend picking up the quality equipment from the start if your serious about reloading. If you don't think you'll be doing much... The Lee stuff is pretty cheap but not high quality for high usage (I use their shell holders and that's about it). RCBS and Redding are your better brands and you really can't go wrong with them. And I really like Hornandy Dies and the Lyman Universal case trimmer. Lots of good deals on Ebay for reloading equipment all the time. If you shop smart you can get everything you need to get started for under $100.

BryanP said...

Eek. I'm starting to wish that XD45 I picked up would magically turn into an XD9.

I predict much more .22lr range time in my future. I've really got to get around to rebuilding that 10/22 from it's boring bone-stock configuration.

Reloading is not for me. Short attention span doesn't begin to describe it.

Congrats on your new acquisitions.

Joe said...

You'll like that VKT Finnish Mosin. Mine was, for all practical purposes, unissued. It could have a better trigger pull but breaks good. The Czech silver-tipped ammo is good fodder for mine, but it does get the occasional sticky case. The M39 is the best of the 3 Mosins I own.

Ammo prices going up sure make it fun to own a 10mm. Seems that even CCI Blazer 10mm is up at $17 a box. I'll have to start reloading for it here shortly!