Monday, July 24, 2006


Woke up late. Got engrossed in my current reading material. (Aftermath, by Charles Sheffield.) Now I don't have time to make fun of anything before I go to work.

More this evening...


HollyB said...

Hi Tam,
Until LawDog referenced your Bikini Pic post I'd never heard of it. Since there were already 23 comments on that post I didn't want mine to get lost in the crowd.
Lady, that is one fine pic. And I don't think you look "scrawny", just a different version of the Tam I know and admire today.
Your pic reminded me of what I looked like at that age. Lovely memories, Thanks for the view and the reminder.


BobG said...

At least you don't have to worry about a dearth of material worthy of ridicule.

B&N said...

I'm disappointed. I am missing my daily snark fix.

ColtCCO said...

Well, you don't seem to have any email so I'll put this here.

Hi, Tam! I'm a very prolific firearms blogger, and a very big deal on the internet. Some people might refer to me as an "Internet Celebrity" but I don't like to go overboard.

Please link to me on your blogroll, so that I may continue to heartily link back to you in reciprocation?


Your little buddy,



Cowboy Blob said...

[Taps watch]

It's evening now! :)

Tam said...


Promise the blog won't fizzle this time? ;)

ColtCCO said...

Hey, you can always re-delete me if it does.


BryanP said...

Sheffield. Good stuff. I've never read that particular book, but I'll keep an eye out for it.