Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Interesting times redux.

It appears that India isn't the only one getting pissed off at Muj leakage from Pakistan.

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1894C said...

Excuse me but I'm sick and tired of people calling any group of scumbag "Militia"

"A purported Taliban statement Wednesday said the hardline militia would open "new fronts" in its fight and threatened "severe" action in the coming days."
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Lets be clear, THEY ARE NOT MILITIA! Militia are what's need to address this problem.

The dilemma for Afghan and coalition forces is countering the Taliban tactic of striking far-flung towns with a limited security presence before the insurgents blend back into the desert and local communities whenever a formidable threat appears, only to surface again in another area.
End Quote:

Lt. Col. Paul Fitzpatrick nails the problem on the head.

"There are challenges because at the moment there are a finite number of security forces -- Afghan and coalition -- and the real solution is providing Afghan security and that has to be grown," Fitzpatrick said."
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You cannot sustain a standing force sufficient to cover an entire country from guerrilla attacks indefinitely. Just ask the British from 18th c America.

The only way to defend against such incursions on an ongoing basis is with a local militia, that is regular citizens drilled and practiced in the use of small arms, defending their homes and families.

Such is the nature of a militia.