Friday, July 28, 2006

Countdown meme...

TEN K-frame Smith & Wessons

NINE thousand three hundred forty eight posts at

EIGHT William Gibson novels

SEVEN Todd McFarlane figures

SIX feet of atti, er, altitude

FIVE pairs of boots

FOUR bottles of Snake Dog IPA

THREE Tarantino movie posters

TWO fluffy kitties

ONE Beemer with a dented nose. :)

(plus ZERO encumbrances to the wandering life.)

Heh. That is harder than it looks. Props to Dustbury. Rules can be found here.

(EDIT: The torch has been taken up by Prince Wally, pdb, and Joseph.)
(EDIT Part deux: While counting my William Gibson novels, I noticed the absence of Mona Lisa Overdrive. Hey, ColtCCO! Do you still have my copy or do I need to don a miner's headlamp and dig under my futon?)


Anonymous said...

You'd take the kitties with you when you wander? What's your secret?
Surely you wouldn't abandon them!

Joseph said...

Yikes, it is hard. I have three of them left and I'm struggling to think of more stuff.

pdb said...

Pikers. Took me ten minutes. :)

princewally said...

Didn't take me that long, but all I had to do was count electronics equipment.

Joseph said...

Okay, finished.

ColtCCO said...

No, ma'am - I gave all your books back, including Methusaleah's Children, before I left. The copy I have is the shiny new copy I paid dearly for at Borders because I was impatient. Though, when I consider how few times I've seen a copy of Johnny Mnemonic, I casually reflect back that THAT would have been the one to keep.

Hope it turns up, tho. I had my copy of Time Enough For Love disintegrate yesterday due to advanced age and use, so I understand.



T.Stahl said...


Zendo Deb said...

No, I think you had it right at 6 feet of attitude....