Saturday, July 22, 2006

Memphis PD: "We don't encourage people..."

A young man at a Schnucks supermarket went bezonkoids with two large kitchen knives and began carving up co-workers at a pretty good clip, landing five of them in the trauma ward. When he chased one into the parking lot, it attracted the attention of a Mr. Chris Cope who, despite not being equipped with a badge or a hat or shiny boots or those other things that Gun-Fearing Weenies believe are required to operate a weapon, nevertheless snagged his 9mm pistol from his pickup and proned out the knife-wielding maniac to await the (eventual) arrival of the police.

In light of Mr. Cope's brave and unselfish deed, which almost certainly saved at least one life, one would expect him to be held up as an example worthy of emulation, right? Wrong. The Memphis PD's spokesdrone continued to advocate the SNiVeL technique of defense, saying "[W]e don't encourage people to take that kind of risk. He could have been hurt."

Listen, Zippy, if he hadn't taken "that kind of risk" somebody could have been killed. What the hell are you doing in police work, anyway? Shouldn't you be off arranging flowers someplace?


the pistolero said...

Not that I'd try to defend anyone who'd say something like that, but aren't these spokesdrones more or less mouthpieces for the chiefs and mayors anyway? We all know how many, if not most, of the big-city mayors (and a goodly portion of the chiefs) feel about gun ownership by the proletariat...still, though, it's quite discouraging to see these hacks echoing the Bradys.

Porta's Cat said...

I was watching one of those "caught on camera" type shows last night. Full of liquor store holdups and the like.

They had a "**security expert**" on as sort of a commentator. Every time one of the clerks or "victims" fought back, or in one case ventilated the crook with 4 rounds, his refrain was:

"I don't recommend anyone do that. The victm can get hurt and it will escalate the violence"

Mushy said...

This encourages me to utilize my carry permit more often. I've been a little lax.

Johnny Guest said...

A hat tip is due Mr. Chris Cope for being willing to step up when the situation demanded.

As to the, "We don't encourage people . . . ." I've never seen a better retort than this: Finally, our sheep-like gun suppressors tell us that we should not resist a criminal because he might be vexed about it and kill us. What in the Spirit of '76 kind of talk is this! Lie down and crawl or you might get hurt. In all history the only bright rays cutting through the gloom of oppression have come from men who would rather get hurt than give in. The day we forget this, the race has had it!
Jeff Cooper, Fighting Handguns, 1958.


Rustmeister said...

Very few news sources here are even mentioning how the attacker was detained.

Guess they don't want us getting all cowboy on the bad guys.

Anonymous said...

"Very few news sources here are even mentioning how the attacker was detained."

Aye. When I first saw an article on this yesterday it just said he was subdued by bystanders.

Pebcac said...

The first article I saw on CNN about this said that the suspect was "tackled". No mention of the gun, of course; I didn't know about the good guy with the gun until now. As far as how the big city mayors feel, Herenton is under the impression that he's been sent to us on a mission by God, and those he appoints are more often than not just brainless yes-men. Once again, I'm loving life in good ol' Memphis....

Kristopher said...

I agree. The person with the CCW took far too great of a risk cofronting him like that.

He should have pulled a rifle from his truck, and splattered the psycho's brains without warning.

Masked Menace© said...

*takes one step closer to that CCW permit*

A.C. said...

Being this is the most racially tolerant and loving city in America, cough, cough, it's surprising there was no racial component injected by our fearless leader Dubya Dubya.

But did you mention the fact this event provided yet another rebuttal of the gun control argument? The man carved up several people, and could have killed them, using only a knife. It's a perfect "guns don't kill people" story.

Tracy Hightower said...

Yesterday I was invited to attend an NRA Event in Memphis. In attendance were Chris Cox who is the Executive Director of The NRA Institute for Legislative Action, Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn who is the Tennessee Seventh Congressional District Representative in The United States House Of Representatives as well as several Tennessee State Senate and House Members.

Chris Cope who was the armed citizen who apprehended and held the knife wielding grocery store employee for police was also in attendance at this event.

Congresswoman Blackburn presented Chris with a certificate from the United States House of Representatives listing his heroic deeds. She thanked him for his actions on behalf of the United States House of Representatives and the Citizens of the United States and stated that the text of the certificate that she presented to him would be placed in the Congressional Record and that his actions would forever be a part of American Historical Record.