Saturday, December 23, 2006

I wonder what the mailing address is?

I'd like to send a card to Guantanamo myself: "Merry Christmas, you murdering goon! May the New Year bring burning inflammation to your distal sphincter."


phlegmfatale said...

When you find that address, be sure and hook the rest of us up with it. I've got a few select greetings of my own to send...

LawDog said...

Ask, and ye shall receive:

Prisoner name
Camp Delta
P.O. Box 160
Washington DC 20053

For a comprehensive list of critters currently enjoying their Carribbean vacation, go here.

Michael said...

Thanks dawg! I think I'll send something to the effect of, "Merry Christmas - may you live a long - long time there in concrete and steel."

Anonymous said...

1)Go to Costco or Sams pet food area
2) buy the big bag of pig ears
3) address and mail same, good for about 50 prisoners.

HollyB said...

Thanks Tam, and LD for the info and Contact info. I had NO idea there were so MANY prisoners down at Gitmo!
41 pages! Daham! I chose randomly from pages 1, 15, 30 and 41. I picked a Yemeni, a Libyan, a Palestinian, a Saudi and a Paki.
Not gonna do the Pig Ear thing, just gonna send them warm and sincere, if belated Christmas wishes. Also gonna send some cards with Honest Holiday greeting for some guards, too.
I hope the rest of y'all remember the guards. That can't be easy duty. I remember reading the accounts of the Nuremberberg guards. Not an easy assignment, even for Marines.