Saturday, December 02, 2006


Disembowelled, then torn apart: The price of daring to teach girls

The gunmen came at night to drag Mohammed Halim away from his home, in front of his crying children and his wife begging for mercy.

The 46-year-old schoolteacher tried to reassure his family that he would return safely. But his life was over, he was part-disembowelled and then torn apart with his arms and legs tied to motorbikes, the remains put on display as a warning to others against defying Taliban orders to stop educating girls.

Because he taught girls.

There can be no reasoning with the Taliban mentality. No negotiating. No terms. No "Hey, we used to tear guys apart for treating women like humans, but we're okay now; let's sign a peace treaty and form a coalition government."


Or them.


Or barbarism.

There is clear good and evil here, and only a moral cripple could fail to know which side is which. One side elects a woman to Speaker of the House, the other side disembowels men alive for teaching girls to read.


Or evil.

That is what hangs in the balance in Afghanistan right now.


HollyB said...

Animals? Oh, Tamara, I think you are giving them waayy too much credit. Animals have warm blood; animals, with some exceptions, don't eat their young;pack animals generally have a vested interest in having all the pack members be strong, even the females!

The Taliban are something more along the lines of a parasite or a retrovirus. A creature that invades and then destroys its host from within.
That's what the Taliban is!

Anonymous said...


Civilize 'em with a Krag...or JDAM. Whatever.

Jeffro said...

Yep, and reports of moderate Muslims objecting to this radicalization of their religion flood the news today, oh, wait.......

Anonymous said...

Glad to realize that I'm not the only one that realizes the magnitude of the barbaric evil we face.

You do not placate, you do not negotiate with evil; you destroy it.

Islam is evil.

Tam said...

"Islam is evil."

I sincerely doubt that Mohammed Halim, the victim in this case, was a Southern Baptist.

Kevin said...

But Tam! This is all Bush's fault! That's another culture, and we have to celebrate diversity! It's none of our business what dark-skinned people of other cultures do to each other.

Unless they live in an area of absolutely no strategic interest to the United States. Then we must intervene.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tamera.

The often quoted number of Muslims in the world is about 1.3 billion. Most of them are not fighing us.
This war is a result of political figures using religion to manipulate people. If you trace it back, every one of these "jihad" idiot leaders is or has become powerful because they maniuplate people via means of religion. The same thing happend in Christianity. Much of the Islamic world is still of a feudal mindset; remember, they still identify themselves mainly via tribal affiliation, not national affiliation. Islam is not a mature religion.

theirritablearchitect said...

Wonder if some training, and a 1911, would have turned the tide into Mr. Halim's favor?

Send these people a bunch of guns and teach them how to use them, I say.

Can't be any worse outcome than what we are seeing right now, can it. (that's a statement, not a question)

Anonymous said...

"You do not placate, you do not negotiate with evil; you destroy it."

Total agreement. The only way to quash this sort of thing is to demonstrate again and again that creatures who impersonate humans get hunted down and destroyed like the broken vessels they are.

Shudderingly hideous. This kind of crap has no place in this world. Sickening.

Anonymous said...


It's currently being practiced against Western Civilization by Islamofacists. Not as widely as they'd like, but it is.
It's a distasteful concept, but we, as Western Civilization, need to come to grips with it and turn the tide of it back upon those who would have our deaths.

Kill them. Kill them all, and scatter their seed into salted, barren ground so they may never rise again. Total war is going to be the west's only recourse. Islamists who wish to peacefully coexist had better step up and make it known and be faithful to their statements, else they be cast away as well.


Anonymous said...

Wow, from the standpoint of an American of European descent, the idea that teaching girls is as bad as treason is mind boggling. OTOH the practice of drawing and quartering as a punishment for treason did go out of style centuries ago in the West.

Yes it is evil. However, who should be stepping in to eradicate it? Obviously, it ought to be some group of muslim clerics, both because it IS evil, and from a self-preservation desire, if nothing else. Otherwise, non-muslims are likely to end up painting ALL muslims with the same brush and here come the gas chambers and smallpox blankets.

Alternatively, according to their mission statement this is also an area that the UN, in a perfect world, ought to be working to resolve. Through hired military force if nothing else. NO, not through the use of US troops. Sadly, while they fit de jure, the de facto experience with the UN shows that the vast majority of them are just as evil as these miscreants.

Yep, we live in interesting times

jesperskibbey said...


What solution do you suggest?


Tam said...

Solutions? I don't pretend to have any.

If I did, I'd run for President.

I know this:

"Let's just talk out our differences" is wolkencuckcuckland bullshit.

"Nuke 'em all 'til they glow" is genocidal, impossible, and just plain wrong.

In a perfect world, a way would be found to excise the tumor while leaving the patient alive.

I fear this world is less than perfect, and that whatever solution the West winds up using will smack more of endlösung than we will want to remember in years to come. To the detriment of the innocent they live among, I fear that radical Islam is sowing the wind...

Matt G said...

"Islam is evil."

Sure would be easy to hope so. Then we could identify evil men.

But see, good men and women are Muslim. How many? Well, I'd expect that the percentage runs right up there with the percentage of good Christian men and women.

See, ISLAM doesn't declare that men should be punished for teaching women-- TALIBAN does. Just like Baptists don't picket the funerals of servicemen claiming that God wanted them to die because of gays in the military-- Westboro Baptist Churchgoers do:

Anonymous said...

[i]I fear this world is less than perfect, and that whatever solution the West winds up using will smack more of endlösung than we will want to remember in years to come. To the detriment of the innocent they live among, I fear that radical Islam is sowing the wind...[/i]

Chilling words, but spot on from all I can see. I think our last chance at resolving things with minimal bloodshed is rapidly fading now.

Anonymous said...

Matt G. said:

But see, good men and women are Muslim. How many? Well, I'd expect that the percentage runs right up there with the percentage of good Christian men and women.

I don't know about the percentage of good Christian men and women (how would one define good in this case?), but the best estimates for "good" Muslims run at less than 50%. In this case I've defined "good" as any Muslim NOT supportive of political Islam, that is to say, NOT in favor of implementing the barbaric legal system known as Sharia law on the whole world. Not all of the evil Muslims support terrorism, but imposition of Sharia law would still have the same result, regardless of how it was imposed: barbarism, utter backwardness, complete resistance to change, basically the end of Western civilization.

"Islam is evil"

A case can indeed be made that Islam is evil. The Muslim holy books (and I use the term holy loosely) contain passages that encourage the faithful, among other things, to convert infidels by the sword, to steal from infidels, to torture infidels taken prisoner, lie to infidels to gain the upper hand, and pretend to convert to other religions in order to betray them later. The root of the problem, I believe, is that Mohammad was an entreprising young warlord who invented his own religion by taking the moon god (Allah) from the pantheon of pagan gods worshipped in the region at the time, mixing in some elements of Judaism and Christianity, and using his mystic visions to condone his war crimes. As a result, those who follow Mohammad are essentially following a 7-th century warlord, war criminal, and child molester.

Does that make all Muslims evil? No it does not. Just like some Southern Baptists tithe the 10% demanded by their sect and some do not, so some Muslims follow Mohammand closer than others. It does mean, however, that Muslims as a group have a greater propensity towards violence, barbarism, lying, cheating, etc, etc than all other religions on Earth.

Anonymous said...

Just as an aside, it might be more appropriate to think about Islam's "holy" books not in the context of the Torah and the New Testament, but in the context of conquest. Islam's holy books are essentially the rules-of-engagement of Muhammad's conquering, plundering horde: absolute authority for the leader ("Islam is complete and perfect"), complete obedience to the leader ("there is only one God and Muhammad is his prophet"), swift and harsh justice for those who disobey (chopping off hands, limbs, ears, tongues, etc), the death penalty for traitors (apostates), and an imperative to the footsoldiers (the faithful) to do their absolute worst to the enemy (anyone who has not submitted) as long as the leader still gets his share of the spoils.

When seen in that light, the drawing an quartering of the unfortunate teacher, who fit his assailant's definition of an enemy, was not only justified, but wholly appropriate. The only way it could have been improved upon would have been to also kidnap his daughters, rape is wife and steal any valuables in the house. Muhammad would have been proud.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, I forgot one: sanitary habits (wipe your butt with your left hand, eat with your right hand).

Anonymous said...

I hope this isn't too inflammatory, but Westerners - even the most intelligent, well read, educated Westerners - simply have no clue about Islam.

I won't try to explain it, but instead urge everyone to read Brigitte Gabriel's book "Because They Hate." She is a Lebanese Christian who grew up during the "civil war" when Muslims took over Lebanon.

It isn't pretty reading, and if you're one of the "Islam is just a peaceful religion that's been hijacked by a few extremists" crowd it's gonna be downright infuriating.

But, the reason for reading it is because she's "been there, done that, got the t-shirt." I believe it's the most important book I've read all year, and urge that everyone read it. Until you do, you really don't understand what we're up against.

(Yes, that's an absolute, blanket statement. It's meant to be.)

Anonymous said...

But see, good men and women are Muslim. How many? Well, I'd expect that the percentage runs right up there with the percentage of good Christian men and women.

Matt -

Islam isn't Christianity; it is not at all comparable. Islam is trans-national, and it is unlike anything you're familiar with in the western world.

When you thoroughly understand the Islamic concepts of taqiyya, umma, harb, qital, and dawah and most importantly naksh,, then you will begin to comprehend. Please don't take this personally, but until you do you're just another pawn of the Islamic media machine.

Heck, I'd settle for a thorough understanding of the word "islam". (No, it doesn't mean "peace.")

BobG said...

"Heck, I'd settle for a thorough understanding of the word "islam". (No, it doesn't mean "peace.")"

It means the act of submission; to a Muslim submission to the will of Allah is a form of peace. Some equate "salaam" with the word peace, but that greeting is usually only used between Muslimiin, and is not proper to use if you are nasrani (Christian), since it implies peace through submission to Allah.

Anonymous said...

One thing that Islam, Nazism and Communism all have in common, it that "true belivers" have a strong willingness to use violence, instantly and brutally, on anyone who does not toe their particular line. I think this has a tendency to keep anyone who might argue with them in hiding.

phlegmfatale said...

This is so perfectly stated. It's staggering how black and white this issue is, and heartbreaking how blind people are to it.

Zelda said...

We in the Western World do not understand Muslims. They hate each other almost as much as they hate all of us. It is a very hateful culture. Sure there is some good in all of us. And it isn't as if Muslims can't reject the tribalism, hatred and violence of the Third World. But they don't. It's what they know. And the absolutely corrupt, evil, barbaric leaders in the ME are seeking to parlay that mentality into violence against the West for purely economic reasons. The average Achmed doesn't understand why Allah would bless the infidels, and the corrupt, evil, barbaric leaders have insisted that as the Faithful, they are entitled to whatever the West has been blessed with even though they have done nothing to earn it. The more we try to accomodate them, the more they see it as Allah making us weak.

The way I see it, they are entitled to all of our freedoms and blessings as soon as they decide they don't want to kill us.

Sudiegirl said...

That post made my blood run cold.

Oh wow.

I was referred here by phlegmfatale's site...great posting.

I'll be back!

David said...

Jesper was looking for solutions?


All women of child bearing age (or younger) from any Muslim nation, that does not grant women full equal status, will be encouraged to immigrate to the United States. Simply report to the nearest US embassy or military base, leave your burka at the gate and welcome to the USA.

Immediately take most of the money that we keep wasting funding the UN and use it to fund college scholarships for our newest citizens. Those who chose not to go to college can get jobs filling in for all the illegal aliens who have returned home when we no longer allow them to work, rent apartments or receive social services.

Lets see how long these barbaric cultures last when there is no one left to procreate with.

Then we provide free transportation for (male only) PETA representatives to these countries to make sure that the donkeys and sheep aren't being ill used.