Saturday, December 09, 2006

Politics: I'm almost sad to see her go...

Disagree with her politics all you want, you have to admit that soon-to-be-ex-Representative Cynthia "Slugger" McKinney (Moonbat-GA) brought a level of comic relief to Washington of the kind not seen since the perpetual loser American League Senators moved to Minneapolis.

As a final pratfall, she has introduced a bill to impeach the President. The bill has less than zero chance of passing, but should please her ailing sugar-cane harvest buddy Fidel to no end. It is, after all, the thought that counts.


pdb said...

I'm totally gonna miss her, and I'm sure the GOP will, too. She was a free walking, talking, 3D campaign ad!

I'm sure the Capitol PD are having a high-5 party right about now.

I hope the racial quota establishment will find a high profile spokesperson job for her.

Rabbit said...

She'll be back in time for the next election cycle.


Conservative Scalawag said...

Not I. I happy that that wack job of a politician is gone gone gone. Between her father trying to pull a knife on the Georgia house floor and her antics she has embarressed all of Georgia as much as Carter.