Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Let's put this in perspective...

The headline reads: N.K. reads laundry list of demands.

The problem with North Korea having a "list of demands" is that they fall seriously short in the "...or else!" department.

Or else what, Kim? Or else you'll force us to vaporize you? Or else you'll hold your breath until you turn blue? What's the fallback plan here?

You want to sit at the big kids' poker table, you gotta be ready to play for big kids' stakes, and frankly your bottle rockets haven't been all that impressive thus far. We've been all kinds of tolerant 'til now, because you're not hurting anybody but yourself (and your inmates citizens), but I'd think really hard about your next move...

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3yellowdogs said...

The only real 'or else' he can use is to threaten to over-run Seoul and our 35,000 troops in the process.

Given South Korea's craven appeasement as welll as numerous and frequent anti-American stances taken in the last decade or so, they deserve what they get from sucking up the the little bouffant-topped dictator.

Losing 30,000 or so of our bravest in the process, though, isn't something anyone wants to see, and would likely result in the atomization of Pyongyang along with any known or suspected nuclear sites.