Sunday, December 17, 2006

A marketing failure.

On the way home from Nashville we stopped at an inconvenience store to offload and onload beverages.

I saw something that made me think that someone had experienced a serious failure at target marketing: NASCAR bookends.


HollyB said...

Nah, they use the bookends to prop up their collection of programs from all the NASCAR events they've attended. They do have programs for those things, don't they?

Anonymous said...

That's kinda like marketing cross jewelry to Muslims, isn't it?

"Plato's REPUBLIC?"

"No. CHILTON's for a 1985 Camaro."

Kyle The Opinionated

Anonymous said...

Gotta' have something to hold up the Chilton's and Motor's manuals...that is, unless the manuals are holding up one corner of the couch. :-P


Matt G said...

When I was about 14, my mother gave me a bookend set that was a black plastic bracket on one side and a hexagon on the other-- joined with a black cord that wound aound the hexagon (or was it an octogon?) into an inscribed groove. The books were to sit over the cord, and the hexagon end could be rolled out to account for new books. The pull along the cord kept the tension nicely. I seem to recall that it had about 10 feet of cord.

How many feet of cord would these need, at maximum?

I guess that depends upon how many Chiltons and TV Guides you had. Oh, heck-- the intellectual NASCAR afficianado might even have a selection of Reader's Digests.

NASCAR-- for people that love stock car racing... in cars that are anything BUT stock.

Marko said...

I don't care who you are, that's pretty funny right there.

NASCAR bookends...tee hee.



Ben said...

Would that be equivalent to a Formula 1 truck rifle rack?

Dwight Brown said...

Chilton's manuals? Programs? Actually, I think these are targeted at the people who are purchasing the NASCAR Harlequin romance novels:

(Link goes to a representative example on Amazon. More examples are listed if you scroll down.)

One more example, since it is that season:

Anonymous said...


Frank (OEF_VET)

Justin said...

Nah. Put that link in front of a bunch of emo-glasses-wearing hipsters and they'd have trouble filling all of the orders made on account of irony.

On a completely unrelated noted, the other day I was struck by the thought that the producers of "Talladega Nights: The Legend of Bobby Ricky" really lost out on a marketing coup by failing to hire The Franklin Mint to crank out a set of collector's plates for that movie.