Monday, December 25, 2006

Survived another one...

Another Christmas in retail under my belt. A couple more of these, and hell won't scare me.

I learned my lesson from last year: No Waffle House this time 'round. Today I'm sitting at home with a platter piled high with crackers and brie, a refrigerator stocked with beverages, and nothing to do 'til the morrow.

(Incidentally, one of the customers at the range yesterday waved and smiled at me, asking "Remember me? Waffle House last Christmas?" If you're reading this, sir, then yes, I do. I'll have 9mm ammunition in by the case lot on Thursday. ;) )

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Anonymous said...

Aargh! The Awful House episode sounds horrible! I'd much rather spend Christmas in a canvas tent in Terlingua, with a woodstove, books, rifles and a coupla' cases of my favorite brewskis to keep me company.
In fact, that's just where I'm going, to do just that, in two days. I'll be taking, among other things, a VZ-24 and about 1000 rounds of surp 8mm.

Merry Christmas, Tam.