Sunday, December 10, 2006

Lucky find.

Xavier got lucky and scored himself a nice S&W Victory Model. Go check it out.

Someday I'll find myself a nice martial S&W. It'd tie my two interests in gun collecting together nicely: If you love military surplus weapons and old S&W revolvers, what could be finer than an old military surplus S&W revolver?


Anonymous said...

I gave up on surplus. Got a nice S and W 625 in .45ACP, that uses moon clips.

Stainless, so easy to take care of. Moon clips are a pain, but with a mooner-demooner tool, it is great fun.

And the cartridge starts with "4".

Tam said...

I, too, like my S&W 625(s).

I still want a Victory Model.

And an M1917.

rickn8or said...

Don't forget the Brazilian Contract Smiths. Pretty much an M1917 with commercial grips.

Joe said...

Pretty impressive to see the big .45 hole up front on either the Colt or S&W revolvers!

Don't really want another caliber to play with but my local dealer has a S&W 19-4 on consignment for $375. It has the wider trigger on it and the single-action pull is light and breaks like glass - I'm kind of tempted...

Joe R.

Billll said...

Sure, why not. I have the S&W model 10 that my father was carrying while he was being bombed at Pearl Harbor. Too bad he didn't get to hang on to the Garand he was firing.

Anonymous said...

I've been shooting my S&W25-2 for a couple of years now. Found an improved moon clip at this site;
Makes reloading a whole lot easier.