Sunday, December 10, 2006

Snubbed again.

I see that once again there are categories for food blogs, pet blogs, music blogs, celebrity gossip blogs... but no gun blogs.

Who'll be hosting the '06 Snubbie awards?


BryanP said...

The closest I can find is a blog named "The Gun Toting Liberal" under "Best Centrist Blog."

Warthog said...

I think YOU may be hosting the snubbies Tam.

Jeff the Baptist said...

If it makes you feel better, they actually removed the God Blogging category this year.

Billll said...

Just like where I work, the squeaky wheel gets the job.
Best general gun blog
Best Legal and political gun blog.
(I nominate Right Side of the Rainbow)
Best fun gun blog (I nominate Tam.)
Best technical gun blog.

Nominationa are open!

DirtCrashr said...

Gotta have a "Best Gun Pr0n" blog.

Anonymous said...

Never looked for a UK related gun blog, 'cos its probably already been banned!