Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Books: Aaaaaarggh!

I may have mentioned that I was really caught up in reading The Weapon?

After a long day at work today, I was anxious to get home and back into the read. I thought ahead to my drive home. The cats had at least another day of food, there was an ample supply of beer and cigarettes, plenty of human food as well...

I was out of soda, so rather than stop by the store on the way home, I just bought three Diet Dr. Peppers out of the vending machine at work.

There we go; no delays to me getting home and sitting down with a good book.

I got home, went to grab my stuff out of the car, and...

...guess what I forgot at work?

That's right. The book.

That sound you hear? That is the Fates laughing at me.


Oleg Volk said...

Tan, check your AOL email.

BryanP said...

"I feel your pain."

(I couldn't resist saying that)

I'm almost compulsive about always having a book with me. Usually a second one is available "just in case."

The last time I got stuck in The Most Goddawful Traffic Jam, I sat there and finished my current book and started on another while creeping forward 6 feet per minute.

If I go somewhere without a book I invariably get stuck waiting with nothing to do.

phlegmfatale said...

Oh, cruel universe.

Anymore I do the same as bryanp and always try to have a book with me, but it's sickening when I leave what I'm reading somewhere. Fortunately, I live close to one huge book emporium and one huge used book store, so if I have to run out and fetch a spare, well, so be it.

plblark. said...

Damn! Now I'm hooked. And in the middle of another series too.