Friday, December 29, 2006

Why I totally suck up to SayUncle...

The boy's got snark.

But Uncle say the nanny-state pricks in between heading to soccer practice, Starbuck’s and spending time not minding their own business smoking causes cancer, emphysema, other health problems, impotence, global warming, and the uncontrollable urge for people not to mind their own business. It leads to increased healthcare costs and is a drain on society. And it may complicate pregnancy And Uncle says So fucking what? Plenty of other things do all that too. Like drinking

Day-umn. Wish I'd written that.


phlegmfatale said...

The irony of the smoking police in our society is that if half the smokers in the country suddenly quit for good, the government would be smarting from a devastating loss of revenue and would be devising new ways to horn in on our private dollars. Surgeon Generals have talked a good game, but the untold billions skimmed from every pack sold has paid for their sprawling bureaucracy. As of January 1 in Texas, every pack will be $1 more expensive.

By the way, I recommend Reverend Horton Heat's superb cd "Smoke Em if Ya Got 'Em" for smoking leisure listening.

Tommy Twoguns said...

Same here in South Dakota as of January 1st. I don't smoke, but hate having to sit in other peoples smoke. That said, I voted against the tax increase because it isn't up to the government to engineer society. It is up to natural selection to do that!!