Thursday, January 04, 2007

Blog Stuff: Fiddling with the blogroll...

I confess: My blogroll isn't much based on the usual "Group Blogroll" thing (although I have a decrepit version of The Rocky Top Brigade blogroll up since it was largely my blogfathers Les Jones and SayUncle, as well as Countertop, who caused me to start this thing) or the alternate "Reciprocal Links" thing, since my blogroll consists almost solely of folks I read every 1-3 days, or those I feel obligated to include due to their early influence on my blogging or because they work in close proximity to my kneecaps while carrying loaded guns. That being said, without further ado...

It is with great reluctance that I yank The Meatriarchy, MotorcycleCommuter, and Guns & Butter, since they are all on self-imposed hiatus.

I replace them with:

Victory Soap: Her writing reminds me so much of an old friend of mine that every time I read it I feel like I'm sitting in a booth in the mall food court making fun of passersby.

Ambulance Driver: New to blogging, but I'm hanging on his every word. Maybe the only blog on the 'net to use the sentence "This doesn't look like any ostrich attack I've ever seen."

Oleg Volk's LiveJournal: Not only can he take purty pictures, but he can rite good, too.

Read and enjoy. I do.


Matt G said...

Whew. Made the cut.

I put Ambulance Driver on my blogroll before I had finished the ostrich story.

Zendo Deb said...

I love the photo of your 'ATF' moment. All you need is some chips.

Oleg said...

I am much honored by the addition.

Countertop said...

I am much much much honored by the notion that I could have been any sort of inspiration for anything (other than slacking off) let alone starting one of my top five favorite must read blogs.

USCitizen said...

Laylines is now Ninth Stage

Traction Control would be honored with a link, too.

AdrianK said...

My moto-commuter site will be back in a couple months.

I've pulled it for the duration of my employer's acquisition by that particular Hi-Tech company whose initials used to be synonymous with "I've Been Moved". Thankfully, that's not longer the case.

I'm excited about it and don't necessarily want a Google Search to show the first 30 links to appear being my anti-people rants.

Call me a wimp, fine. It will keep me in ammo and tires though.

Tam said...




I can't remember how to edit my blogrolling thing to fix the LayLines bit... Help!


I'll keep checking in, ready for the re-link.

By then, my Zephyr 550 should have finished its metamorphosis into a CB1. :)