Friday, January 19, 2007

Boomsticks: A-ha!

So the A1 flash hider that I pulled out of my purse the other day has been sitting next to my keyboard, baffling me with its origins, for the last couple days.

I've been picking it up and fiddling with it the way one does with worry beads, but just now I actually looked at the thing. Wow, that's a big hole...

Eureka! It's a 9mm flash hider! I must have tossed it in my purse when I put the Vortex on my 9mm carbine and forgot all about it.

You can't imagine what a load off my mind that is.

This inspired me to go clean all the AR stuff off the Table What Has Accumulated A Big Pile Of Gun Detritus and put it in a box the way I did with the 1911 bits. I was a bit surprised at just how much AR effluvia had piled up there. Green and black followers, mag floorplates, mag springs, a complete collapsable stock and buffer tube assembly (from when I put the M93 on my Superior), black plastic A2 pistol grips, green Hogue and Ergo grips (a legacy of installing MIADs on the 9mm and Project Housegun), A2 carbine handguards, non-tritium front sight posts, EOTech battery compartment latches, ladder rail covers, push-button QD sling swivels...

If I dropped a barrel, an upper receiver, and a lower in there and shook the box real hard, another carbine would fall out. Hmmm... We still have a bunch of DPMS stripped lowers at work for, like, a buck and a quarter, and a life without a current AR project is a life devoid of purpose.


Anonymous said...

I live in the UK an own a black AR (he whispers) and bits are expensive. I paid about $262 for a dpms carry handle. I am sure that I'm not the only one that drools whilst reading your posts :-)

Sigivald said...

Do people on the internet often tell you they love you?

Because I'm pretty tempted after that.

Kristopher said...

Did you find any pink cavalry arms receivers under that mess?

I want one for my wife.