Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Politics: Report from the Surge On General.

When I was young, I'd read history books and wonder about the phrase "saber rattling". How did that work? Did the guys in their fancy 19th Century panoply sit across the negotiating table and actually jingle their dress swords at their opposites?

Now I know better, of course, what "saber rattling" is, and understand it as a metaphor.




Your move, Mahmoud.


pdb said...

Woah, waitasec.

Re: Jingle #2: Who the heck were we selling F-14 parts to that wasn't Iran?

"Hey, Djibouti, here's your shipment of Tomcat spares! Now remember, don't sell any to Iran, okay?"

WTF, over?

Marko said...

Excellent point. The Iranian Air Force was the sole foreign operator of the Tomcat. Whoinnahell else would be interested in those spare parts? I don't know too many privately owned F-14s in the world.

Ulises from CA said...

Meanwhile, 20,000 Leagues under the sea, the USS Seawolf has its missles aimed at the toilet in the Iranian Presidential Palace. When President Mahmoud has to relieve himself, he must think about this.

We don't play chess: we play poker.

Chris said...

You missed:
391st Fight Squadron deploys to Bagram, Afghanistan.

Nice enough folks, but the full afterburner takeoffs at 0200 are not pleasant. It is a pretty cool sight though.

Chris said...

Arg, I borked the link, my apologies. The short version is that the 391st Fighter Squadron out of Mountain Home AFB (F-15's) has deployed to Bagram, Afghanistan.

Iran is pretty much surrounded at this point.

Xavier said...

Gents, peruse the geography. Iran was evident three years ago........