Saturday, January 20, 2007

Books on Boomsticks: SCSW, 3rd Ed.

My Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson showed up yesterday, and the 3rd Edition is grande! A massive coffee table tome with slick paper, full color, much more useful layout, and way more complete data than the last one. Pricing info's still a little soft, at least for this area, but that's to be expected for what is, after all, a national average.

So far I've only found one Smith in my collection that isn't mentioned: There's no reference to the 3" PC627 V-Comp that I can find.


Anonymous said...

Gun porn :-)

DL said...

I am an old TFL reader. Several years ago, you used your references and graciously assisted me with some info on my Model 28. I have always appreciated that. Enjoy reading your blog, especially your occasional colorful rants.
DL in NC