Wednesday, January 03, 2007

News Flash:

When you write stuff on teh intarw3b, people can read it.

Coming tomorrow: A team of physicists from MIT proves that water is, in fact, wet.


Matt G said...

I am in graduate school.
I am a scholar.
I am a professional.

Why doesn't any of that stop me from exclaiming "well, duh?"

Conservative Scalawag said...

Duh...because you can go to college, have a Phd., yet still be an idiot. SO I think DUH sums it up nicely.

Matt G said...

Yeah, but sometimes you find yourself TRYING to project yourself as an erudite pro. So you put constraints upon yourself.

...And still find yourself discovering phrases that you first used when in 5th grade, like "No doy."

pax said...


One a those lovely extended-family brouhahas ensued a couple-three months back, when one family member discovered what another family member had written about her online.

Much fun was had by all ....

(Amazing how stoopud some people are.)

Ambulance Driver said...

Love your stuff, Tamara. Now I've added you to my Must Read list...

Hope you don't mind, but i've linked you in my blog!

Rabbit said...

I ran across my brother's ex-wife and (new) husband's Myspace page a couple of months ago.

Therein, I found the means to assist my brother in securing sole custody of his children from that former marriage.

People are stupid. But we knew already.