Thursday, January 11, 2007

Boomsticks: The gun-control test...

Gun control has become such a polarized issue, such an idee fixe, in Big Party politics that aberrant positions on the topic can be used as a clue to a politician's motives and actions on totally non-related issues. A couple of examples:

1) Northeast Democrat Against Gun Control: This legislator probably ran as a Democrat because a GOP incumbent had things all sewed up in her district.

2) Southwestern Republican For Gun Control: Most likely up to something they're afraid will make folks mad enough to shoot when they find out about it.


staghounds said...

Southeast liberal against gun control-

"I want it soooooo baaaaaad..."

(Harold Ford Jr.)

Anonymous said...

Transplanted yankee yuppie liberal for gun control running for office in the Southeast: "Some redneck shot the deer I was feeding in the forest behind the house. You're all evil."

Anonymous said...

Another possibility for the transplanted yankee liberal:

"Things were ugly back home, so I moved here. Now I want to make things here more like back home."

Anonymous said...

That also works well for transplanted Californians.