Friday, January 19, 2007

Welcome to the future.

First they were orbiting their own astronauts.

Now they're shooting down satellites.

Interesting times, folks.


Joseph said...

According to an article in Popular Mechanics a few months ago, they're also trying to get our stuff. They have what is pretty much an exact copy of AEGIS radar on some of their newer ships, and they've attempted to buy F-16s and their engines, along with chips used in Hellfires.

MarkHB said...

Yeah, this one could be all manner of problem.

Then again, it might just awaken the Giant - that could be a good thing.

Another Cold War, counterbalanced by another 20 years of the sort of innovation that only America can do? Might actually not be a bad thing - afterwards. Be a pretty cruddy couple of decades, mind.

Kristopher said...

The US space program needs a kick in the ass.

This might provide one.

comatus said...

Really interesting times: when life imitates a James Bond novel.

Lame-assed shit you just have to put up with: when life imitates a James Bond movie.

Ulises from CA said...

Perhaps the People's Republic of China just wants to send out some excess BILLION people to her new space colonies. And doesn't want anyone to stop the exodus.

Then again, they probably just want to get the high ground.

China could nail us without firing a shot. All it needs to do is call in the NATIONAL DEBT.

bjbarron said...

Could we talk them into shooting down the satellite that is responsible for "American Idol"?

markm said...

"China could nail us without firing a shot. All it needs to do is call in the NATIONAL DEBT."

OTOH, if there's anything resembling a war, we could use that as a reason to cancel all debts held by the Chinese government - and if necessary interpret "government" broadly to include anyone who probably got rich off of favors from relatives in the gubmint, i.e., anyone in China rich enough to own a piece of our debt. Economically, we're in what used to be called a "Mexican standoff" with China; a conflict would hurt both sides more than they could afford. Regrettably, that's no guarantee that the murdering idiots at the helm in China won't pull the trigger.