Tuesday, January 09, 2007

It's an interesting morning, in the Chinese sense of the word.

US aircraft allegedly launched airstrikes against islamist holdout enclaves in the south of Somalia in the hopes of taking out Al Qaeda members responsible for the 1998 embassy bombings. Meanwhile, Washington is expected to announce sanctions against Bank Sepah, a large Iranian bank, to continue putting pressure on Ahmadinejad to 'fess up to his nefarious WMD activities and shut them down. Finally, with some of the heaviest street fighting we've seen in a while going down in the Sunni quarter of Baghdad, the Democrats are making noises about exercising their power of the purse and de-funding military operations in Iraq.

...and all this before I've had breakfast.


B&N said...

Gee Tam, all I got of the idiot box this morning was a force-fed Greenie, EU-Whining, We're-all-gonna-die-from-Global-Warming mantra. All morning.

Your diet is substantially more varied than mine it seems.

3yellowdogs said...

Way to go Puff.