Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Stupid memes!

Okay, okay! Stop poking me with a stick already!

Both Xavier and Matt G tagged me with this memeishness, where I'm supposed to reveal five little-known, strange, or unusual facts about myself.

*le sigh*

Where to begin?

1) Despite loving music, I have a tin ear. I can't carry a tune in a bucket. I mean, I sing in the key of R Flat. Honestly, me singing sounds like a sack of cats getting beaten with a nine iron. Despite this, I am known to spontaneously start singing anyway. In public. Oblivious to the flinching of bystanders.

2) I have a large stuffed animal collection. Also, I have a favorite Teletubby: LaLa. If you tell this to anyone, I will come to your house and shoot you right in the kneecap.

3) I love getting flowers, especially roses, and here's why: I like putting them in a vase and letting them croak, because a bunch of dead roses in a vase is so cool looking. It makes me feel all Anjelica Huston as Morticia Addams. This is about as close as I come to getting my Goth on. Well, this, and listening to The Cure.

4) I may blabber on about the ankle support, but the real reason I wear combat boots is because my feet are so freaky small for my height that I think the boots look cute on me. (Little boots... Heh. That's a history joke.) The 5.11 ATACs I'm wearing now are, like, a men's size 8 and my feet are still sliding around in them.

5) When nobody's looking, I write poetry. No, you can't read it.

At this point, I'm supposed to heckle five other innocent bystanders into playing, too. Fine. Here's my list:

1) PDB
2) ColtCCO
3) Marko
4) Phlegmfatale
5) T. Stahl

...all of whom are too cool/busy to fall for this.

[sticks tongue out and gets back to typing...]

Where was I...?


TD said...

Little Boots... Caligula... I see what you did there...

Billy Beck said...

I was going to wonder if Caligula could sing.

Anonymous said...

Come on, sing along....

show me
show me
show me
how you do that trick
the one that makes me scream
she said
the one that makes me laugh
she said
and threw her arms around my neck


HollyB said...

Well, Phlegm's been tagged twice. I tagged her, too.

T.Stahl said...

Sorry, I just returned from the Irish Pub. I had to walk about three and a half miles because there were no buses tonight because of the snow that has started to fall today.

Will tomorrow after work be early enough?

shawn said...

Hate to tell ya this darlin' but if you wear a men's 8 you are a women's 9 to 9 1/2 (if they made such a beastie) which ten years ago was a titch on the large side for women. Of course now day's that may no longer be true, as my jr. high teacher wife regularlly has female students who wear women's ten's, elevens and even twelves. Count your blessings, at least you could find women's dress shoes. Not those girls.

Tam said...

"Hate to tell ya this darlin' but if you wear a men's 8 you are a women's 9 to 9 1/2 (if they made such a beastie) which ten years ago was a titch on the large side for women."

Not women my height... (5' 11 3/4" in my bare feet, so let's just call it six feet... ...and me unable to dribble.)

triticale said...

I'm having trouble parsing one of those. Do you have a large collections of stuffed animals or a collection of large stuffed animals?

All I have is a life-sized Bun-Bun, who sits on a shelf with the little flick knife my sister bought in San Francisco decades back.

staghounds said...

Uh oh, except for the stuffed toys those are all facts about me.

Except the foot one is just similar, mine is that I have unusually narrow girl-like feet, I wear a men's 12 AAAA in sized shoes.

I'll bet I sing worse than you do, though.

staghounds said...

We will draw a veil of discretion over the dancing...

phlegmfatale said...

OK. I'll bite. I'll do it for tomorrow's post, or later today (Thursday) if I get a chance.

Memphis Steve said...

Ah, see THIS is what Matt G sent me over here for.

phlegmfatale said...

By the way, I love music, and I love someone who enjoys singing even if they aren't very good at it - well, except the man at church who always sounded like he was birthing a calf - that was painful, because dad would have pinched my ear off if I'd laughed at him. And I was about 30 at the time.

T.Stahl said...

What's up?
First you tag me, now I don't get a comment. :-(

T.Stahl said...

Sorry, I should've used this smiley... ;-)