Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy '07!

This morning rosy-cheeked Aurora, goddess of the dawn and bringer of the flannel tongue, greeted me with the bells of a new year, ringing in my skull.

May it be a prosperous and safe one for all y'all!

Best wishes from all of me here on the VFTP management team.

Now I'm gonna go shoot some more... :)


mauser*girl said...

Happy New Year. Unfortunately MY range here is closed. *SIGH* What fun is having a new year if you can't go shooting right away?

phlegmfatale said...

Happy New Year! Your blog has been a consistent favorite for me this year. Thanks!

WR Olsen said...

And a most Happy New Year to you. May all your sales be good and may you never fall down a flight a steps like a certain president did.

MarkHB said...

Happy New Year, Tam.

Eric said...

Shoot some more what?

staghounds said...

Hangover remedy- drink a glass of water and an aspirin before you take a drink of alcohol. It never fails.

It's best to have your designated driver make sure you do it- after about three drinks the order becomes fuzzy.

Works like crazy, though. Happy new year!