Tuesday, July 31, 2007

"It's not a big truck! It's a series of search warrants!"

Good luck at the indictment hearings, Senator.

Hopefully there'll be video coverage posted on the tubes.


Carteach said...


Wonder if there was any cash in the freezer?

"Dit dit dit da da da.... News Flash!
Today a US Senator was found who's NOT taking bribes...... Oh wait... never mind.....)

Anonymous said...

A perfectly good career down the tubes.

phlegmfatale said...

ruh roh, raggy!

Love the crap out of that techno song/video over on Les Jones' blog. There's a toothsome symmetry to the ideer of strung-out half-nude ravers in Ibiza dancing to his brain-wave.

Anonymous said...

Hunh. Make yourself unpopular, receive extra scrutiny. Maybe not the best idea if you're not entirely aboveboard.

Ward Churchill looks to be a pretty good teacher after all.

Matt G said...

"A perfectly good career down the tubes."

A questionable statement.

I don't assume Congresscritters are corrupt.

But I don't assume that they're above-board, either, especially just because they may stand on one particular side of an aisle.

Anonymous said...


It was a joke. Senator "tubes" Stevens. Eh. Never mind.

Anonymous said...

Wow, wish I had your faith in humanity. Then again, I really don't like disappointment that much.

Personally, I assume that all congresscritters are corrupt. THat way I can be pleasantly surprised at the one or two who are not.

Cybrludite said...

Not sure of Tam's policy on colorful language in her comments, so I'll leave it at good riddance to the goat-f***ching piece of f**ktarded s**t. Hope they ram that Bridge To Nowhere up his tailpipe... sideways.

Anonymous said...

Wake me up when they get to murtha's house.