Friday, July 13, 2007

Why "assault weapon" bans don't work...

Because people are very damnably clever.

That should be good until the CADOJ gets around to closing that "loophole".

When are they just going to come out and admit they want all the guns?


Anonymous said...

They're going to admit it only when enough gunowners have left the state that the rest are an insignificant minority. Until that time, anytime they pass a law, somebody will find away around it - like the .50 BMG shooters and the .510 DTC Europ. The problem the lawmakers face is it takes months to get a bill passed, while it might be only days before a way around it is discovered.

Strings said...

Ummm... Tam? Didn't DiFi already let that cat out of the bag? Or are you refering to strictly state level legiscritters?

Anonymous said...

I brought this up over at TFL (in [url=]this[/url] post) back on the 1st of the month, and here's my thought.

I love irritating the GFW nanny-statists and frustrating their goals to delete my Constitutional rights, and this goes right along with that goal.

[b]On the other hand:[/b]

Many Californians want the AR platform, so they spend thousands of dollars to get a rifle that lacks all the features of the platform! You end up with an "AR" that's missing the CAR stock, the rear pistol grip, the removable and large-capacity magazines, and more.

That just doesn't make sense. It's like wanting to sleep with Angeline Jolie, but bringing home Madeleine Albright instead, and telling all your friends, "Well, except for the butt, the boobs, the figure, and the face, she's just like Angelina!"

I live in the DPRK, and am enthused by neither the AR nor the .223 caliber to begin with, but even if I were in love with both, I can't see buying the rifle in question.

Fletch said...

CADOJ won't fix the hole only because it would open a registration, and make "assault weapons" of any configuration legal for those who register them, and (mainly) would increase their "assault weapons in this state" number. (wouldn't want that! o_O)

I'll continue to enjoy my 10 round fixed mag AR knowing that it pisses off ms frankenfeinstein to no end.