Saturday, July 28, 2007

News: Somewhere in this story... a commentary on American pop culture, the media, and TV journalism:
(CNN) -- A police chase through the streets of downtown Phoenix turned into a midair tragedy Friday afternoon when two television news helicopters covering the action collided and crashed to the ground in smoke and flame, killing all four people on board.
Hey, baby, if it falls flaming from the sky, it leads!


Anonymous said...

Thought A: Too bad they didn't have a news chopper on the scene to get footage... oh, wait!

Thought B: Will the local DA now charge the chase suspect with 4 counts of homicide?

T.Stahl said...

Does it sound cynical when I say...

How tragic!

Carteach said...

Ya, they said on news the charges would probably be increased because of the crash.

I kinda feel bad for them, but mixed feelings. Like feeling bad for some sharks that get get hurt during a feeding frenzy.

phlegmfatale said...

They work so hard to insinuate themselves into every story, so leave it to the media types to go overboard pulling focus.

Oh, and helicopters kill people. They should be illegal. Surely Congress will be investigating.

Oh, and when I'd go visit my gran in Arizona, they were constantly interrupting her tv shows with car chases in both Az and California. I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

News? Oh no, we can't have that. It's "Action News!!!" or nothing at all.

Bonnie said...

It's not the fault of the guy who was being chased that the helicopter pilots didn't know enough to stay the fuck away from each other.

It's also not his fault that they were desperate to use sensationalism to boost their ratings.

There's just evidence everywhere of natural selection, but no one wants to see it.

Anonymous said...

While I share no love for journalists, the criminal must be found legally culpable for anything that happens as a result of his escapade. One such law says that if a LEO kills your partner-in-crime, you'll stand trial for you partner's murder. This is a similar, though more *ahem* explosive case.

In short, the criminal who ran from police must be charged with 4 counts of homicide.

Mark said...

I'd love to feel bad about this, I really would - but words like "petard" are running through my brain. Which is the worse scenario, that they were trying to crowd each other for the "best footage", or that they just weren't checking their own damned airspace?

I shouldn't find this funny, so I don't. No, really. It's not funny.


Anonymous said...

Rule one. Fly the damned aircraft.

Everything else is crap and distraction.