Saturday, July 21, 2007

Today In History: A really big small step.

Man walks on fricken' moon!


Anonymous said...

How about a replay in 2007.

July 21: "Men Walk On Moon"

July 22: "Democratic Senators Demand Immediate Withdrawal From Lunar Base"

BobG said...

I remember watching it on TV.

Anonymous said...

pn nj,

What else is new? That's just about what they did in '69.

Anonymous said...


It was all a Zionist conspiracy to throw off the Mayan Calendar.

2012! 2012! Repent! Oh God, repent!

What? Who the hell are the Millerites?

theirritablearchitect said...

Buddy of mine is convinced it was done a la Capricorn 1.

He's also one of those "Troofers" who I am seeing more and more of these days.

I tire of these things quickly, so look for news of a postal-type rampage coming from my twenty, soon.


Seriously, what a feat.

Anonymous said...

...and all run by the amazing computing power now contained in a wristwatch!!!



Anonymous said...

I remember it well, B&W TV, all of the crew around. I remember having my dad and his scientist buddys around explaining all of the chemistry and physics of the flight to us kids.

Los Alamos was a wild place after the landing.

Matt G said...

Mom was a writer for the Fort Worth Star Telegram back then. She said that they used 72point and "Second Coming" type for the headline ("MAN ON MOON"). She's still got the front page.