Thursday, July 26, 2007

For a minute, I actually thought the AP had grown a spine...

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) -- A top South Korean envoy is headed to Afghanistan, scrambling to save 22 of his country's citizens held captive by Taliban kidnappers after the militants killed one hostage.
I initially misread that. I thought for a second that it said "...after the mutants killed one hostage."

Incidentally, seeing the headline SKorea Races To Save 22 Hostages, I had visions of them sending the 707th Special Missions Battalion to settle some Taliban hash. Nope, turns out they're sending a negotiator.
"We will not use force against the militants to free the hostages," he said. "The best way in this case is dialogue."...

"We oppose military operations and there won't be military operations that we do not consent to," Chun said.

Well, you tell 'em, Chun. That oughtta strike some fear in the heart of the Hadjis.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like time to call up the boys from Shinanju.

Anonymous said...

S. Korea turning softy?

I think it's time to call in the REAL troops from S. Korea.

Ignorant Talibans do not know what they are dealing with here.....

Want a fight? Then don't hide like the real cowards and sissy's that you are. I will take you - Taliban - barehanded if needed.

No wonder your Afghan is so backwards....there are no real men to do the work of men....but bunch of males who are cowards.

Anonymous said...

Hey, S. Korea...take some Taliban hostages as well.

Make sure that they are well abused, tortured. As soon as they moan...they are "weak"...don't waste 10 bullets, but line them up and finish it off with one.

Then dump them like the Taliban loves doing.

Anonymous said...

" Or else what...?"

" Or else we will be very angry with you. And we will write you a letter telling you how angry we are."

Talk and negotiation to those people is like the garbled wonking of the adults on the old Charlie Brown cartoons. I think Churchill said it best:
" Action this day!"

Anonymous said...

"there won't be military operations that we do not consent to"

Instead of reading that "No military operations will be launched if we do not consent to them," I first read that as "there are no military operations that we will withhold consent from."

Anonymous said...

They send Chun when they should have sent Chuin. And Remo.