Monday, July 16, 2007

Blog Stuff: Everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn't I?

All the other kids were doing it.

("If the other kids were jumping off a bridge, would you?"

"How many other kids?")

There was no apparent way to do the pony tail through the ballcap thing. How bitter was I?


Don said...

I don't know if I can even watch that movie. You know, they had a contest to see which Springfield would host it, and we lost. To Vermont.

Springfield, VT-- ~10,000
Springfield, IL-- ~110,000

We should have won even without massive vote fraud.

Tam said...

Blagowhatzisface probably took a bribe to throw the contest...

Anonymous said...

Oh, puh-leeze. The Springfield of the Simpsons is, in fact, in Oregon.

Proof? Well, there are tons of clues in the show, but there is one, incontrovertible indication: in one of the episodes, the Simpsons are heading to a spot in Florida. They state - in exact miles - how far it is from Springfield to their destination. I personally checked a couple of sites that calculate distances between cities, and guess what? Springfield, Oregon was that exact distance. In fact, there was no other Springfield that was within 1,000 miles of being the correct distance. I'd call that pretty solid evidence.

Give up, Springfield VT - you may have captured the popular vote, but you're still a pretender. Same for you, IL. The Simpsons are, in fact, from Oregon.

Matt G said...

Anonymous, I did the EXACT same thing, writing down the number, then going to Google Earth and using the measure function to check the distance; it was precisely the same.

Add in that Groening lives in the NW, and it makes it pretty probable.

Mister_V said...

Guys, there are numerous theories on which state the Simpsons live in and they are all bull. There are several episodes providing "evidence" of where Springfield is and they all contradict each other. Matt Groening himself has stated that Springfield isn't in any real state, he just picked it because it was a common town's name. All the clues are just for fun.

Anonymous said...

Mister V is right - Supposedly Groenig has stated that Springfield is in "North Kentucky"..

And to conteract that silly claim of Oregon, I would point out that the area code given in several(at least 3 that I've seen)episodes is 636. That Missouri folks, more importantly, that's Springfield Missouri's area code!