Thursday, July 12, 2007

Beer: We fear change...

McScrooge's was still out of Ruination (Gunsmith Bob: "Why don't you keep telling everybody how good that stuff is on your blog? It might sell out even faster.") and I just wasn't feeling any Mendocino White Hawk or Dogfish Head 60 Minute, so I left empty handed and hopped back in the car to tool over to Leaf & Ale who, thanks to Tennessee's bizarro liquor laws, hadn't seen me since I discovered Ruination Imperial IPA after Mash House Hoppy Hour IPA got discontinued (the former is a big beer according to, and can only be sold in liquor stores here).

A quick chat with the guy at the counter, and I was pointed to Lost Coast Brewery's Indica IPA.

Dang. This is pretty good stuff! Matt should try it, since he likes the Dogfish Head IPAs so much.


Anonymous said...

Funny thing, I'm not a fan of the DFH 60 because dammit, the 90 minute is simply the bomb.

I have an imperial IPA called Ithurtzwhen IPA that has 8oz of hops for a 5 gallon batch (generally, a normal beer would have .5 to 1 oz or so). It's like liquid hops and is 13% ABV to boot.

Now I'm thirsty. I'll have to try to find that Indica though.

Rob K said...

Have you had Three Floyd's Alpha King? Good Stuff.

Tennessee's liquor laws are definitely wacky.

NotClauswitz said...

I've been enjoying Kona Fire Rock Pale Ale and Longboard Lager since I'm on a budget and Costco had it in mixed cases - I stocked-up with six cases. Bear is bread.

Anonymous said...

In La Vergne, the local liquor store has a beer market in the same building. When I walked into it last week, I thought I was in heaven. Dozens o' beers and what they can't sell in one store, they sell next door. You can even make up a sampler six pack if ya like:-q


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Rob about Dog Fish Head 90. There really is not much point to the 60 if the 90 is available :)

roninaz said...

I would also recommend:

Reaper Sleighor IPA

Ale Smith IPA

Of course Stone's IPA and Ruination IPA.

Unfortunately the Sleighor is unavailable until they bring their new facility on line.