Friday, July 13, 2007

You say "selfish" like it's a bad thing...

Touchy-Feely commenter from the Brady Blog attempts to be mean to Robb Allen and Unc, capping her tirade with:

"...neither of you are concerned about other’s [sic] safety, when it comes to gun crimes & violence. All you care about are your access to guns ~ and such selfishness comes through loud & clear buddy."
You know what? You hit it right on the head. I am not concerned one iota with your safety. After all, I don't know you from Adam's housecat, so how does your fate affect me? I am, however, concerned with the safety of myself and the people I do know and care about, and I care about access to firearms as a means of securing that safety.

Do you know what the difference is between you and I? I don't pretend to care about your safety. My selfishness is out in the open for all to see. You see, you don't care about my safety either. You say you do, of course, but that's not why you want my guns gone. You want my guns gone because the only safety you care about is your own, and yet you refuse to take any personal responsibility for it. Your faux concern for my safety is merely a fig leaf for your own pusillanimity.


BobG said...

I read over those comments with great amusement; that Kelli has to be one of the most amazing blithering idiots I have ever read. I kept picturing her as a perky but not-too-bright 19 year old in Birkenstocks with a It Takes A Village™ T-shirt.

Don said...

". . . . and don't call me your buddy, you scruffy-looking nerfherder."

Anonymous said...

Bob, that description was priceless. Do you think some cool retro granny glasses as well?

Tam, as always you've hit the nail on the head. Call me selfish too, but if it's a choice between me and that turd in the red plaid shirt who's trying to take my life, you best believe selfish old me is going to do my damndest to insure a positive outcome for myself. And any family, friends, or innocents around me.

And I'll bet if it ever comes to that, when it all comes out in the wash, my weapon was legally purchased and wielded and his was not. Because he couldn't have given 2 sh!ts what the law said because he was not a law abiding citizen like me, or you, or most of us who own firearms.

Try to pass as many new laws and restrictions as you like, Kelli and friends, because folks like that will flagrantly disregard them as they always have. Law abiding citizenry are the only ones affected. Open your eyes and get the big picture.

I'll get down off the soapbox now.

Anonymous said...

Great rant. Plus I learned a new word- pusillanimity.

Keep on keeping on, girl.


Kevin said...

Why is it that you can get out in two paragraphs what it takes me 5000+ words to say, AND you get to use words like "pusillanimity" too?

Absolutely bang on the head right. And the funny part is, "Kelli" will never understand your point. She's absolutely blind to the concept. You see, she "cares" and you (and Uncle and Robb and I, and all the rest of us) are "selfish" - and that's all that matters. To her.

Anonymous said...

Preach it, Girl.

Anonymous said...

I love it when you talk like that...

Yer right though, selfish to take our security seriously?
Selfish to be vigilant with regard to our loved ones?
Oh, & not to worry about a bunch of liberal a$$holes who won’t lift a finger in their own defense?

Yep. I’m one selfish bastarge…

Anonymous said...

Or, as was said over on Roger's blog today:

"Guilt trips only work if I care about you. "

Never quite thought of it in those terms before.

And yes, I'm a selfish bastige, too.

SpeakerTweaker said...

Well, color me selfish.

Where's my AR?