Monday, April 07, 2008

A Gimme post.

Marko's right. If you're strapped for something to blog about, there's no well that's reliably wetter than your SiteMeter log and a planet full of Googlers:

call me crazy

No way, you loon.

chang kai-shek mauser for sale

First, it's "Chiang". Second, mine's not for sale. Third, have you gotten a really good look at one? Icky-poo. I'm not saying that the bores on those things are nasty or anything, but mine looks like a mineshaft in coal country. The pits aren't even arranged in a spiral fashion. Between the condition of it and that of my Hanyang Type 88, I have a pretty low opinion of Chinese army weapons maintenance.

older bikini


from my cold dead hands

Look, I don't know why Google slapped me in there at number four, but you and all your couple hundred buddies from around the world should go look at the video clip of the actual words from the actual guy on YouTube, okay?

shoulder holster

Too much Miami Vice.

International Houer

Google works better when you can spell.

effectiveness ww1 trenches

The trenches in World War One were very effective at keeping dismembered body parts confined in neat little zigzaggy rows, unless a really big shell landed in them to scatter remains across the countryside. They also gave corpse-eating rats someplace to dine in relative peace.


Anonymous said...

The trenches also did a good job of increasing the effectiveness of the heavier than air poison gases.

When the gas canisters started landing it was safer to be out of the trenches dogging bullets and artillery shrapnel than in the trenches sniffing the freshly cut grass smell of phosgene.

GeorgeH said...

"International Houer"

There are several things he could have been trying to spell.

Anonymous said...

Just to be the exception to prove the rule, all we've got for the last day or three at Atomic Nerds are things that really would bring folks direct to us, or incoming stuff from "My Buddy, My Choice". I'm sure we'll be back to regular weirdness like "do not park on the bacon" (not making that up) soon.

Anonymous said...

Could you grant that a shoulder holster might have an occasional place in the universe?

I wrenched my back several weeks ago, and putting my usual IWB holster in place was just too darned painful. Just wearing a belt was painful. Out came the "Miami Classic", and transferred the weight from my hips to my shoulders. Used it for a couple of days until I could move around with sloth-like speed instead of a crippled turtle.

Yes, I was jumping from the burning building with the infant in my arms when I wrenched my back...don't buy it? Okay, would you settle for a bend-and-a-twist when putting a dish into the dishwasher? Heroic, huh?

Anonymous said...

Trenches were great for concentrating cases of trench foot for the Podiatrists without Borders to treat, too.