Sunday, April 13, 2008

Beautiful obsession.

So I mentioned the film Better Off Dead in a previous post, which is a favorite '80s movie of lots of folks. Then TD mentioned primered Camaros.

That led to Google, which led to a man with a dream...


Anonymous said...

Beth was right.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Now that's cool.

My Dad had a '69. I think it was an R/S, with a 307 V8. (Could be wrong; I was 10 at the time and I've slept since then.) Metallic blue.

I miss that car. No chance of finding it, either -- he had to trade it to buy a pickup truck in '72, and he found out later it was sold to a young lady who totalled it within two weeks.


Anonymous said...

My dad had a '69 SS with porcupine headers. He took it to Germany when he was stationed there. He tells a great story about racing a Ferrari Dino and coming up to the border between Italy and Austria. They are neck and neck doing about 130 mph and start to slow for the border guards when all of a sudden the gates on both sides of the border fly up and the Italian guards run outside waving them through and yelling "Andale Avanti!"


Anonymous said...

So no, this doesn't make me in the least regret selling my '67 R/S with Borg Warner Wide Ratio 4-speed, Edlebrock Tarantula manifold, Holley 600 double pumper, Zoom clutch with 3000lb pressure plate and Lakewood traction bars when I live in Atlanta in 1972.

Not at all. (sob)

Anonymous said...

Ok, totally tangentially-related nerdery. The website The Sneeze has an interview with Savage Steve here and an interview with Dan Schneider who played Ricky.