Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ugly as the backside of a mud fence on a rainy day...

Today's Ugly Gun Lesson at Xavier's is: "Just because a trigger guard spur looks good on a No.3 Russian doesn't necessarily mean it looks good on anything else."

I'm hearing the voice of David Ogden Stiers' character from Better Off Dead saying: "Yes, I know it's a 1911, but what have you done to it?"


Anonymous said...

So, you bought the trigger guard in question off the internet for your 1911* because your girlfriend, Beth, thought it was, I believe the word was, 'tasty.'

* And I use the term loosely when referring to things from Para.

Matt G said...

Very, very nice, Ben.

And get the F outta my head, bro. ;)

My freshman roommate at UT had a copy of Better Off Dead that he would occasionally watch, mostly to laugh at how putting a chromed air filter cover on top of your Camaro engine, and changing the oil, would apparently make it run like a champ and look like it had gone through a complete restoration. Interestingly, that was a '67 car in an '85 movie-- the car was only 18 years old. At the time, I thought that it was an ancient relic. :)

This was one of the few incidents in which I ever enjoyed stop-motion animation.