Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Headline problems...

The article at CNN.com was titled "Women return to Texas polygamist ranch", which I have to admit threw me for a loop for a second. I mean, cattle ranches raise cattle and chicken ranches raise chickens, so...

I commented aloud "It sounds like they're raising polygamists..."

"Well, they are," said The Roomie.

"Yes, but for market?"

"I dunno. You can clean 'em and dress 'em... but you can't take them anywhere."


Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, the talking heads seem to be backpedaling from using "compound", instead using "ranch".

Was there some kind of backlash or was everyone assuming that the place was about to be burnt to the ground to save the kids?

Tam said...

They may not have had enough guns to qualify as a "compound".

Of course, given the baseline for Texas, neither did the Davidians.

staghounds said...

I don't want to be there on branding day.

Nor here, on Prairie Oyster day.

Rustlers might be a problem at this ranch .

And this is just too creepy.

Given the baseline for Texas, Fort Hood is borderline for compound status.

Anonymous said...

In Texas, the Chicken Ranch was something else entirely.


Anonymous said...

They may not have had enough guns to qualify as a "compound".

Wait, if two guns and a brick of 22 long rifle is an "arsenal", what does it take to rate as a "compound"?

Tam said...

It varies from state to state. In Texas, I'm sure you need at least 1.75 guns/occupant.

Anonymous said...

Higher then that Tam. Higher then that!

By the way, when I was in Utah I worked on a ranch with a guy who had 4 wives (at the time). Older guy who was pretty cordial so I asked him about it one day.

He said (roughly):

Got the first one to be the matriach. Someone to run the clan.

Got the second one who is the ugly one to help with the work and keep the first one from thinking she was on the way out.

Got the third one as a play thing. (Even I admit she was cute!). Since it was two on one, they were not threatened by the cute one.

Got the fourth one because the third done wore me out, so I had to have a break as I got older.

He said next he would go to a different house each night and rotate the herd so to speak.

Neat guy. Interesting perspective. Taught me to have an open mind.