Friday, April 18, 2008

A day in the life...

Things to do today:

  1. Water the Korri... necro... Nemophila I planted out front.
  2. Study up on herb gardening. Finish weeding spot in back yard to be herb garden. Turn dirt over to annoy worms.
  3. Do Laundry.
  4. Find my Benadryl. (I grew up in Atlanta and spent the last eight years in Knoxville; botany hell is in my blood. My first spring in Indy and my nose is running like a fire hydrant. Go figure.)
  5. Take trash cans from curb back to the back yard.
  6. Write a couple of bio paragraphs and an introduction for my next writing project. Watch this space.


breda said...

Last year I grew:
Purple varigated sage
Thai basil
Cinnamon basil
Lemon verbena
Bee balm

so if you have any questions on herb gardening, I'm happy to help!

Anonymous said...

and here I thought Nemophilia had something unnatural to do with small orange cartoon fish.

Jenny said...

wow.. the Tams be gettin' all domesticated. Cute! :)
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By the way, I'm jealous of your spring. We had snow again this week. But the mountains are pretty.

Rosemary is AWESOME. Breada - how do you keep the cilantro as cilantro long as possible, before it turns to coriander?

Anonymous said...

I don't imagine Indy is that different from Cincy -- wherein dwells the infamous "Cincinnati Sinus." High humidity, rich soils, high mold spore and bacteria count... Oh, yeah.

Get to know and love your pharmacist's antihistamine case and the contents thereof. In. For. To. At.

Me, I had my doc write a prescription for Claritin-D so I don't have to deal with the stupid DEA sudafed limit. I can get a whole month's-worth at a time.

Ken said...

Annoying the worms is key, I've found.

We have garlic and chives, plus a small raspberry patch and one apple tree (Golden Delicious). The latter is my pride and joy. :-)

Verification word: qruhxpvx

I think it's either the lot code from a batch of arugula at Whole Foods, or the name of Chancellor Gowron's flagship.

BobG said...

The trick with cilantro (and other flowering herbs) is to clip off the flowering parts and keep them pruned to just leaves. With basil, for instance, nipping off the top makes it bush out more, and keeps it from going to seed.
My biggest problem with cilantro is that there is some bug around here that eats it if plant it out in the garden instead of in a pot in a sheltered area.

breda said...

To keep herbs from going to seed too soon, pinch off every flower you see as it starts to grow.

I planted my rosemary in a pot and brought it inside over the winter - & it's still alive!

Anonymous said...

Supposedly, if you eat local honey your body will become accustomed to the local pollens and thus reduce your allergies.

staghounds said...

I want to know where to get Korriphila seeds!

Though I don't know why I'd bother, I am death to desired plants. I even tried to grow mint once and THAT died.

Tam- did I give you those seeds from Springfield?

Anonymous said...

Oil of Oregano!!

I have been tormented for years with a chronic cough and burning, stinging sinuses. Two doctors told me that it was caused by living near the chemical plants in Pasadena, TX, and all I could do was live with it! A chiropractor told a friend about Oil of Oregano, he told me, I went to my favorite health food store and at the owner's suggestion bought the caplets, not the oil, and two weeks later no sinus pain, no cough, I sleep all night without waking up hacking and cacking after 3-5 hours sleep, it is wonderful!

Word verification: mmqimszp. I think that is the active ingredient. ;)


Anonymous said...

12 hour nasal sprays work well but only if diluted by 1/2 to 3/4 otherwise there addictive hope this helps from Grey sky TFL