Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bringing hOpe.

"Imagine hopey-changey
it’s easy if you try

Hahahaha! That's funny right there, I don't care who you are.


Anonymous said...

I was trying to say something snappy and clever about the linked lyrics' ability to hold a mirror to a candidacy with nothing worth looking at or reflecting on.

Then, in a sort of stream-of-consciousness vibe, I looked up the lyrics to an old 60s anthem by the Grass Roots. It embodies so much of what I find repugnant in the baby boom's self-obsessed, feel-good-now, careless, thoughtless immaturity:

Guess who has an ad at the top of the lyrics.

Sometimes, it seems, you just don't need words.


Anonymous said...


Actually we just used these lyrics in an English class assignment I helped my granddaughter out with. She had to pick a song and interpret the lyrics….You’all would’ve been proud of me. I hardly even mentioned that this was a lyrical interpretation of the communist manifesto written by a socialist fellow traveler. I just stuck with the standard utopian ‘one world’ tripe. Silky ponies and fuzzy bunnies. No religious strife, no nationalistic turmoil, no greed and separation of economic classes. All the standard stuff that the schools want to hear nowadays.

Of course, I got a little deeper. I couldn’t help myself. She certainly wouldn’t get an alternate take on this from the school.

NotClauswitz said...

Heh - a birthday card for a friend shows a fat piggy-bank wearing a turban sitting on a mountain top, below two small piggies in turbans look up, and the big piggie says: "Remember, change comes from within."
Oh here it is.
I always sing it, "Imagine no John Lennon..."

Anonymous said...

"You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m filled with hope for change
I hope someday you’ll join me
and there will be hopey-change"

Oh, Christ... the way that scans is right flippin' hilarious. I'm hearing FZ/Flo & Eddy-styled whack vocal harmonies in that last line and falling down laughing.

That's really pretty good.

John Hardin said...
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Ken said...

And the band played Lennon's "Imagine"
As they prodded us onto the train
They promised no harm
If we would but disarm
Now there's nothing 'tween us and the rain

Anonymous said...

"'Wallll-tzing Obama
Wallll-tzing Obaaaama
Whooooo'll go a waaaaaltzing Oba-ma with me?'

"And we sang, as we rode,
To the camp inside the stadiuuuum,
'Whooo'l go a waaaaaaltzing Oba-ma with me?'"

Ken said...

Then in two thousand nine the dot-gov said "Son--
"There's Hope to be hoped
And Change to be done"
So they came for my Chevy
And they came for my gun
And they shipped me to Anderson...(ville)

Ken said...

Okay, they're out of order...

When I was a young man I earned for myself
And I lived the free life of a rover
I kept and bore arms
Ate as much as I liked
And I drove my old Chevy all over

John Hardin said...

Dangit, got it wrong the first time.

{sung to "the politics of dancing"}

The politics of Envy
The politics of ooo Soak The Rich
The politics of Class War
Obama's policy pitch